Les preuves du terrain en toute confiance

Technical Centre of Animal Productions

The Centre Technique des Productions Animales (Technical Centre of Animal Productions) has been performing for more than 20 years validation field trials in swine, cattle and poultry. Since 1986, about 200 trials have been performed for veterinary medication laboratories or for agro-feed industry.

For the efficacy and/or safety evaluation of your products in true conditions, the CTPA is your partner for the organisation (as monitor), the implementation (as investigator) and the interpretation of field trials.

Evaluation of products and materials

  • Veterinary medication industry
  • - Anti-infectious compounds
  • - Vaccines
  • - Parasiticides
  • - Anti-inflammatory products , and so on...
  • Agro-Feed industry
  • - Growth factors
  • - Probiotics
  • - Enzymes
  • - Aromas
  • - Acidifying products
  • - Disinfecting products
  • - Insecticides
  • - New breeding materials
  • - New breeding techniques , and so on...


The CTPA also performs statistical studies, bibliographic works, courses and formations, field enquiries, help for technology transfer…