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Zoopole developpement

ZOOPOLE development is an association governed by the French Act of 1901 whose object is "to promote the development of the ZOOPOLE and the transfer of know-how/expertise in its areas of competence."

In 2008, the association had 58 members and adherents: communities, enterprises, research and training organisations ...

ZOOPOLE's development activity is divided into two areas :

  • - Coordination of technopole : support for the establishment or creation of an enterprise, internal and external communication.
  • - The tasks under the technical center :

    • - Under CTPA (Centre Techniques des Productions Animales et Agroalimentaires) for marketing of clinical trials,
    • - Under ZOOPOLE development for support for innovation,, coordination of research programmes and scientific documentation services,
    • - Under ISPAIA (Institut Superieur des Productions Animales et des Industries Agro-alimentaires)to provide initial and continuing training, creation of educational materials and organisation of seminars of technical information and international conferences.

In order to achieve all of these missions, the association has established a team of 26 employees

The missions of general interests (technology park coordination and support for innovation) are supported by the following public financing bodies :



  • Claude SAUNIER President
  • Delegue general


ZOOPOLE developpement

2, rue Jean Rostand - BP 7 22440 PLOUFRAGAN
  • Tel : +33(0)2 96 76 61 61
  • Fax : +33(0)2 96 76 61 69