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Embarking on a project of creating an innovative enterprise

Since the launch of a technological and innovative product often requires prior approval/validation of the concept, the expertise of specialists and the mobilisation of financial resources before the realization of the first sales, Zoopôle développement offers you, for the first three active years, personal assistance in complete confidentiality.

Build a coherent project Meet the experts Study the market adjust its estimates Find partners Integrate the dynamics of Zoop�le Obtain assistance Join us at the Creators Space

Together, we explore all aspects of the project (technical, commercial, legal, financial) and we mobilize the skills to implement and to highlight the potential risks of the project.

Zoopôle développement connects you with the best experts to optimize the development of your project and respond to your needs (researchers, technical centers, industrial property offices, accountants, lawyers, lawyers, market research firms, etc.)

We help you gather the information first to see the major trends and players in your market, check the opportunity to initiate and implement your business strategy.

We can help you consolidate the first elements of the budget and put you in touch with an accountant to establish a business plan or business plan combining elements of the budget forecast for the first years of activity.

Zoopôle développement will assist you in finding technical partners (subcontractors, manufacturers, laboratories, etc..) Commercial or financial.

Zoopôle développement organizes "The Creators Workshop" on themes specific to the creation of innovative enterprise. These meetings allow you to meet friendly experts and share your experiences.

Zoopôle développement guides you to aid devices to suit your business creation and your innovative project and helps you get your records to apply for funding.

Looking for a room ? The incubation phase to the first two years of operation, Zoopôle développement offers office in the Creators Space.

By choosing ZOOPOLE, your project benefits right away from the excellent reputation of the site in the fields of animal health and biotechnology.

However, our field of intervention does not stop there and ZOOPOLE may also accompany wherever you choose to establish your project within Côtes d'Armor. For more than 10 years, we have successfully supported projects in sectors as diverse as the environment, medical devices, special machines, dietary supplements, food-processing products etc.



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